True Fat


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This morning I had to go to school early. We are working on a project with my students – an interesting project I must say. We are working on ways to increase the benefits received by those soldiers that were wounded in war – they usually have lots of trouble finding a good job mostly because the skills they learned while in the military are not sufficient to fulfill the employer’s growing requirements. These soldiers are real patriots, they sacrificed themselves for their country – it’s a terrible thing they get so few benefits from the country and the people they so valiantly defended.

Anyway, the thing is, I got up on a taxi this morning to get myself to school. The driver did not greet me with the usual “Where to?”, but instead made a very honest remark about my appearance. He said: “Wow man! How heavy are you?” I was, until this morning completely unaware of the fact I look as fat as I am… feel? – The driver’s comment, although without malice, utterly killed my mood - I could not help but feel quite blue for the rest of the day. My doctor has many times recommended that I lose weight.  My friends have also recommended I eat less junk food and do more exercise. But I simply cannot listen. My stomach speaks louder than anyone I know.

You see. Food, great food, has always been a part of my life. I hail from South America, from Peru to be more precise. If you know anything about my homeland is that our cuisine has received countless international awards. Peruvian deserts are spectacular, the equivalent of gorgeous in culinary terms. To make things worse my mother, of Chinese ascent, is a master cook, Blue Ribbon and all. I can only say that after hundreds of years of practice, Peruvians have in fact mastered the art of making me drool.