Encouraging children to pursue a career in Engineering


I'm all for getting girls into the sciences, and especially into engineering. One thing I do not agree with is holding girls-only activities to encourage our girls to like the subject. The setting is not realistic since sooner or later these girls will have male colleagues. The boys not attending the course are  left wondering what's so especial about this girlie class - more often than not they have the idea that girls require a course especially designed for them due what they think is a lack of capacity. We all now nothing is farther away from the truth, but boys will be boys. 

Just as with any other subject the key is in how much encouragement these girls are getting at home, which is something that's simply not happening. The reasons are various, but this is mostly because parents either feel they can't possibly put the explanations in simple-enough, understandable language, or that in fact they have no understanding whatsoever of what engineering is all about. 

We need is to educate the parents in our community, and enable them to convey to their children a positive attitude towards the (engineering) field. Parents frequently claim to be too busy to attend a lecture or workshop intended to help their children; some people refuse to attend such talks from fear of losing face when placed in an environment where the mention of numbers, calculations and sheer creativity are just too overwhelming. Educators have the social responsibility, even economic responsibility, if you will, to find ways to first attract parents and get them on board, so that they in turn can convince their children to open their minds to the possibilities offered by the scientific fields.