How many People can a Martian kill?


The Martians have landed with their weaponized tripod tanks. They shoot here and about killing eveyone they encounter in their path. What is it exactly that smoke guns do? How they work no one really knows. All we know is whatever that smoke carries in it, and it seems to be some kind of flesh-eating bacteria (FEB), begins eating people from the inside, making them puke their guts out first, to then tumble into a messy soup of their own very dead selves. As with any invasion, invaders need to be well prepared. They need to know exactly how much flesh-eating bacteria (FEB) to bring with them in order to kill everyone off. 1 kg of FEB eats through 200kgs of human flesh in about 10 hours - little cute sheep, rabbits, puppies and cats are not affected BTW. The last census of Horsell Commons tells the Martians there's some 300,000 inhabitants, between men, women and children. An interesting fact, though: the whole population of the common is made up of families of 3, 2 parents and a child. In one half of the population, children are younger, age 4, and weigh 1/3 that of their parents' weight (1/3 of one of them); for the other half, the children are a bit older, age 6, so their parents are only twice as heavy as they are. The last time I came to the Common it was for my friend Bernie's 6th birthday. Back then there were no Martians, everything was cool. I did catch a cold while there, though. The local doc checked me and asked me if I was 8. I said "No, Doc. Why?" "Because of your weight," he said. He told me a regular child of the Common puts on 2 kgs on average every year from age 4 to 8 - a normal 4 year old weighing in at 15kg. Anyway, I was not 8, just 6 and a bit overweight. Back to the Martian invasion plan, though. Martian smoke guns can only shoot 500g FEB cannisters at a time. Cannisters are bottles of 10cm in diameter and 30cm tall. These are produced by factories churning 5 cannisters per minute. BTW, cannisters come in cartons of a dozen, only for distribution in the galactic area including Earth.


  1. How much overweight was I carrying at 6 years of age (according to Common standards)?
  2. How heavy were the children and parents in one half of the population and in the other?
  3. How many 500g canisters do the Martians need to bring with them in order to wipe off the whole population?
  4. If they come in 10 spaceships, what's the volume of each ship's cargo bay if they are to fill them with just FEB canisters?
  5. How long did it take the Martians to produce all the necessary FEB canisters required?
  6. How many cartons were the canisters shipped in?